Hello, and welcome

Hello there. My name is Jess. You might know me as ‘BookElfLeeds’. I’ve been a bit late to the Internet party and have been only really using it properly for the last three years. This is my new website that gathers together all aspects of ‘me’ I’ve got scattered about the place.

I’ve wanted to do a ‘proper’ blog for a while. I’ve written for various blogs in the past, mostly For Books Sake and Leeds Book Club, and I’ve got a website for my pet project The Travelling Suitcase Library, but I’ve been feeling for a while that there is more to me that just books, and I needed a place where I could let of steam, share my favourite things, and write about a wider range of issues.

There are three things I won’t write about; my work, my love life and my family. I will talk about my friends, as they are one of the most important and prominent parts of my life, but unless they already have an established Internet presence, I’ll keep them anonymous or use nicknames.

I am a massive bleeding heart liberal lefty feminist, and I will probably say things that will anger people. If I ever use language that is bigoted, privileged, or triggering, please please call me out on it. Comments and stuff is something I shall deal with as and when issues arise.

Anyway, late as I am to the party, I’m sure I can get in the swing of things quickly!

On with the show!



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