Lovely Photos, Lovely Lady


On Saturday, I had a photo shoot with Sara Teresa, an incredibly talented art photographer who is now offering special rates on portrait photography. As you can see from what she has done with my weird mug, she is pretty damn brilliant.

Sara is one of the friendliest people I know, always up for a cup of (herbal) tea and a natter, she has been incredibly supportive of me and the Travelling Suitcase Library. In fact, I remember Sara coming to my earliest book swaps, camera in hand, making books look beautiful from the beginning.

Sara’s photography covers all aspects of human feeling and frailty, her prints, available from her Etsy shop, evoke feelings of loneliness and grief, but also hope and passion. Her collection ‘one’, includes analogue and monochrome photography, as well as some beautiful experiments with overlays.

I know nothing about photography, and less about art, but Sara made me feel comfortable, and relaxed, and for me those are the most important things. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get some press shots, or even as a confidence boosting treat.

The full set of photos from Saturday’s shoot (not all of my face!) can be found on her flickr.


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