Happy Birthday, For Books’ Sake!


I’ve been writing for ForBooksSake, the website dedicated to writing by, for and about women, since it started back in the heady days of 2010. Since then the website I grown from strength to strength, in no small part due to the incredibly hard work of its founder and editor Jane Bradley, and her deputy Alex Herod.

Due to the hard work of these ladies, and the other writers on the site, I’ve got to attend an Alice in Wonderland themed party, interview Monique Roffey, get told off by Helen Dunmore, discover cracking poetry nights and go to Lit Fests galore, discover some incredible writers and review some amazing books… and meet Jean M. Auel.

I have met Jean M. Auel. Hero of my childhood. Seriously, to us historical fiction fans, that’s like meeting God, or Elizabeth I or something. I met Jean M. Auel AND SHE HUGGED ME.



So the least I can do for this incredible website and the women behind it is say happy birthday properly, and join them for their Second Birthday Bash, which is taking place at the Star and Garter, round the corner from Manchester Piccadilly station this Friday night and is completely free. You can reserve tickets for it here, and, you know, MIMO.

Happy birthday, and thank you, ForBooksSake!


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