Posh Food

This is starting to sound like I spend my whole life going to literature festivals and out for dinner…which of course I do! But I have to blog about Sous Le Nez because it is simply wonderful, wonderful food.

my lovely pigeon

We went for my very good friend’s birthday last Friday and it was blissful. I’ve never been before (I don’t get out that much…) unlike everyone else in the party who were very excited. I didn’t get a proper look at their Menu Du Soir until that day and instantly became very excited too. Three courses and half a bottle of wine for twenty five quid!!!!

I got a pudding! I never get a pudding!

The food. Oh my god, the food. French black pudding to start, which is like regular black pudding but with more blood-joy! Then I had pigeon, also for the first time, which was delicious, a bit steak-esque, and came with a bit of crispy chorizo, king of the hams, and some bubble and squeak. The sauces are so rich and tasty and the meat so tender and well cooked, yeah you don’t get a hell of a lot of it, but I was full-especially after my amazingly massive sticky toffee pudding with the most delicate almond sauce (more sauce, less pudding, would have been prefered).

I’ve always loved your quirkyness…

Seriously this is a bargain. Yes, you have to book twenty years in advance, walking in was sliiiiightly intimidating and I could never go there on a date or anything because I’d just feel like such a pleb. I don’t know how to order, or talk to waiters or anything like that. We had two Italian restaurants in Scarborough and I knew everyone who worked in them and I’ve never actually been taken out for dinner properly in Leeds (apart from by my Daddy, and that tends to be seafood based) because I tend to date skint people. But if you did want to take someone out who wasn’t massively intimidated by the idea, this would be the perfect place for it.


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