My Halloween

Because I don’t particularly like being blackmailed by tweens in exchange for not having my house egged (and because I HAVE NO SOUL…) I have issues with this time of year. I love fireworks, but have had them thrown at me too many times (only once so far this year, and that was on coming home from la gym so is clearly A Sign) I am against them being as available as they are. I also love Autumn because it is stunning and crisp, and you get to wear lots of jumpers, but hate feeling like a prisoner in Own Home because of aforementioned eggingsand having fireworks thrown at me.

TSL @ Arcadia

So this year, I have spent most of my Halloween/half term holiday partying, meaning I get to leave the house, but don’t get egged, which sounds like a better plan than it turned out, considering how knackerdand broken I now am!

@thevisibleman reads something terrifying…

I did a book swap in Arcadia on Halloween itself, which a committed bunch of lovely people battled through the rain for (thanks esp to @catnamedeaster who brought a scary amount of Point Horror, @thevisibleman for keeping me entertained (you can read his new blog about video games and that HERE, and you should, it’s funny) and @gazpachodragon for the bags of books earlier in the week) and then got a bit trashed on Moorhouse Brewery’s lovely Black Cat ale, one of my favs, and ate lots of Spooky Snacks that the chef rustled up for the occasion.

Then on Saturday I ventured out to the Brude for Lovely Pints (I love the Brude so much, such a friendly venue) and drank lots of this

and went to Left Bank, a building so sexy I might have to marry it, and danced to old school reggae thanks to Stir It Up, which has been running for a while but which I’ve never been to before, a collaboration between people who love reggae and Manjit’s Kitchen, which sells amazingly good Indian Street Food. I had a chickpea wrap and the sauce it comes in is to die for (my camera then decided to die so sadly no photos).

All in all, a nice mix of events over a weekend that could otherwise be a bit samey year in year out. Once again, Leeds showed itself as a city that never stops surprising you with the variety of nights it puts on and Left Bank confirmed itself as one of my favourite places. I was also shown this music video filmed there, which shows it off very nicely!


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