Autumn in Leeds

Autumn is by far my favourite time of year. I get to wear layers, my hair becomes the size of the national debt and I can justify spending all my money on skin care. It is also beautiful.

Living in the most beautiful place in the world, autumn screams walks in the parks, enjoying the view from Burley Hill in the last of the all too brief afternoon sunshine, doing a lot of Looking Up (the rust bucket Leeds Met building looks particularly distinctive in the autumn light) and drinking lots of tea and eating Mac and Cheese in Arcadia (get on the Mac and Cheese, it is just devine). These are all my favourite things to do and I was lucky enough to do a lot of those things this weekend with some of my loveliest friends.

One thing about Leeds I often neglect is the fascinating world of ginnels. The ones in town leading off Briggate are fairly established, hidden pathways to lovely (cheap) pubs, but there are some stunning ones behind the back of Headingley, running from Headingley Lane to the Ridge (and OMG the Ridge is looking lovely this year) and we had a lovely mess about in them, as can be seen below. There is something about leaning against walls with your feet that brings out the six year old in you.

Myself and @community_disco’s cover for our latest album…

We also discovered some Wonderful Things in Woodhouse and Hyde Park and I got to indulge my vintage love of old things by posing against some random car. If this is your car, well done, you get three points, but how do you afford to keep it?


Then on Sunday I treated myself to a walk into town, breakfast at the newly spruced up Dock Street Market whilst doing my seemingly endless homework, and a mug of Spiced Apple Mulled Wine and some YA at the packed out German Market (which I will visit properly and do a proper review of later).






All in all, a lovely, healing weekend that showed the variety and beauty of my city, which I love more than ever.


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