Return of the Jumper

The Killing (or as we proper fans like to call it, Forbrydelsen. Just don’t ask me what the hashtag is this year cos I haven’t a clue!) returns to UK TV for its third and final season this Saturday. I think it is safe to say I am a little excited by this.

My obsession with Scandinavian Crime Dramas started with a recommendation from my uncle to start watching Wallander, the Swedish cop drama, in the Autumn of 2010. I was living in a house with a proper nice front room and a massive telly at the time, and just became addicted to it. The spare landscape and incredibly noir elements to the drama really struck a chord with me-I’ve always been a fan of the more bleak crime dramas, McCallum and Waking the Dead being two of my favourites. Wallander, adapted from the excellent books by Henning Mankell which I promptly stole from @legalbizzle, possibly the nicest teddy bear in the world, is a Morse-esque detective who can’t maintain a relationship and ‘is’ the job. The various TV versions have all been good, but Krister Henriksson’s series are my favourite, not least because of the inclusion of the beautiful Ola Rapace in the cast of the earlier seasons.

Then in January 2011 came The Killing. Sarah Lund, badass, is the Danish detective who again can’t maintain relationships and ‘is’ the job. In the first series, to which I was completely addicted, she and her colleagues solve the mystery of who killed Nanna Birk Larsen, whose body is found in the boot of a sunken car at the end of the first episode. The series takes place over the next 20 days and becomes entwined with the Copenhagen mayoral elections, especially the favourite candidate Troels. The first series is so good, so good. Sarah tends to jump into action before thinking about it too much, she isn’t great at getting on with colleagues but is badly affected when things so wrong and cannot let go of a case. The family of the victim as well was one of the best things about series one, the moment where Nana’s mother finds out her daughter is dead has echoes of Lynch’s Twin Peaks and if it was supposed to be an homage to that moment it is done perfectly.

Oh I really want to re-watch series one now!

And that’s the best thing about The Killing-how much people love it. On Twitter, at work, in general, I love meeting people who love Sarah Lund as much as I do, mostly because we just spend ten minutes going ‘OMG Sarah Lund OMG’. Watching the second series with a feminist friend who also kicks ass was one of my favourite things to do last year.

And now series three. The final series. At a time when I really need more badass women role models (I’m sorry Girls, but you are weird and strange and I don’t want my life to reflect yours any more) I cannot wait for Saturday. I don’t live in a house with a massive telly any more, but fortunately I have good friends who love me enough to let me use theirs (and their cats) so I shall probably by shouting at the Twitters on Saturday, wearing my jumper (I would utterly kill for a Lund jumper but they are nearly £300 so the Christmas Jumper I got from the summer Plus Sized Clothes Swap shall have to do for now) and wishing I was Danish. I might even eat some stew out the pan and stare into the middle distance for a bit.

You can find my Scando Leeds Playlist on Leeds Playlist.


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