This weekend, I went out for breakfast. This isn’t an unusual thing for me, I do like running away from home on the weekend and eggs rock.

Saturday saw me in Macy’s Deli, in what used to be Starbucks in Headingley. The best things about this place, which I’ve never been to before and probably won’t be returning to, was the weird blasting out of Blackadder the Third in the loos, the worst thing was the vastly overpriced menu, £8 for the smallest portion of Eggs Benedict in the world and a single mug of tea. Yes, you get parma ham, but, you know what, you can buy that in Aldi, it’s not that special.

It’s even more of a rip off bearing in mind that for less money you can get a massive, if functional, breakfast, a proper mug of tea AND orange juice at Chichini’s on Hyde Park Corner, that was my home from home when I semi-lived in Woodhouse. The staff leave you alone and aren’t Intimidating Hipsters, as is the fashion in most cafes these days sadly, and the food is quick and tasty.

Breakfast being a for the most part solo activity for me, I prefer a place that is quiet, without music blaring (why do cafes insist on having music blaring so loudly, especially the radio?) and with enough small tables so I don’t feel horribly alone or like I’m wasting their time taking up a big table on my own. This is why Popina’s, that used to do the best cooked breakfast in LS6, is no longer a viable option for me, they now seem to cater exclusively for large boisterous groups intent on being as loud and intrusive as possible. Popina’s is famous for the mega breakfast challenge, which I have of course completed, so if there is a group of you hungover to hell its good for that, it also does take out which is fabulous.

I’ve been going to Slips Deli for breakfast more and more this year, mostly because although its small you can usually get a table on your own, they again leave you alone and the subs are uniformly delicious. They also have kitchen roll on the table which is so handy, if a strange thing to judge a haunt by!

But my favourite place at the moment is the former Copperhead Cafe on Kirkstall Road. It is another Costa/Starbucks rip off, however, the coffee is delicious and they do smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast, they are friendly, leave you to it, and you can snuggle in a corner with a book and not get any funny looks, which for me is perfect. It has recently been taken over by new management and renamed Cafe Enzo, so I am a bit apprehensive about going back!

Breakfast is a real treat for me, something to get out of bed for on down days, and the plethora of nice local places where I can wake up slowly on a morning is yet another reason why Leeds is the best place in the world. But I wouldn’t bother with Macy’s.


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