Seven Unplugged

I very rarely venture to the Other Side of Scott Hall Road, and have been out in Chapel Allerton probably a handful of times in the ten years I’ve lived in the city. Literally all of those times have been to events at Seven , an independent art space, bar and restaurant which hosts a very wide variety of events and a lovely looking menu (though have never actually eaten there so can’t speak for what its like).

Yesterday I went to support the wonderful Lisa Marie Glover band, who played the last Two Pound In and play weirdly memorable songs about love, physics and the stand off between cats and gerbils. Lisa Marie Glover is an incredibly talented performer and her ever growing collection of boys playing strings makes for an always entertaining set.

Second Hand Wings

Second Hand Wings

Other highlights from the evening for me were Second Hand Wings, a band originally from Bolton whose haunting folky pop and lovely lovely voices made me and my friend have something in our eyes momentarily.

Backyard Burners

The Backyard Burners

My favourite band of the evening, who I would recommend seeing if you get the chance, had to be The Backyard Burners, whose mix of bluegrass, country and other parts of the American Folk Tradition had us all stamping our feet, I was this close to grabbing @decknologist by the hand and doing some yee-ha-ing. My new aim in life is to be a tenth as cool as the banjo player of this band and the effortless way their double bassist (two double basses in an evening, I feel spoilt) played and sang and looked hella cool made me feel even more dowdy and untalented than usual. They also played The Dixie Chicks. Anyone who plays The Dixie Chicks rules.

I loved this evening, it made a nice change from the usual gigs I go to, the venue was lovely, they had Ridgeside Cascade on draft and its only £6 taxi from Burley, cracking midweek night out, which I will definitely visit again.


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