Plus Size Clothes Swap

Last year I went to the first ever Plus Sized Clothes Swap, an event that I loved and thought a brilliant idea. I’m on the smaller end of plus size, this time last year I was wearing 18-20, I’m now a 16-18, 5’8″  with monkey arms and I find going to vintage fairs and clothes swaps often disheartening in that things are too tight in the wrong places, the sleeves are too short and nothing really fits. The idea of a body positive space filled with lovely non-judgemental types who aren’t going to say how good I’ve been or how well I’m looking (yes, I’ve lost weight, no, I don’t want a fucking sticker) always fills me with joy and on Saturday I went with the beautiful @missmoralessays to the fourth clothes swap at Wharf Chambers (after walking round in circles for ten minutes because, despite having been to a billion and one events in Wharf Chambers I can never remember where it is) and boy, haven’t we grown?

Me in my cardigan and lovely Fascinator. Photos taken by @missmoralessays

Me in my cardigan and lovely Fascinator. Photos taken by @missmoralessays

The idea is you can take as many items to be swapped, and anything that’s left over at the end goes to charity. It costs £1 to get in, they sell cake and tea, there’s a zine stall that was also selling beautiful stationary (of which more later in the week as I’ve had an idea about that…) and there is always loads of lovely enthusiastic people willing to chat about the clothes, body positive living and life in general. I’ve also got some great advice about altering clothes to fit you better and it has inspired me to be a bit more creative in how I dress.

I picked up some lovely pieces, most all of them found by @missmoralessays who also took the beautiful photos on this blog. I’ve found the frock (and SHOES!!!!) I’ll be wearing on my birthday, new jeans which fit perfectly and the loveliest snuggliest multi coloured cardigan I wore for the rest of the weekend whilst Doing My Homework.

Me, posing, avec Legs

Me, posing, avec Legs

There are more lovely photos of the event on Rebecca’s Blog and you can find more information on Facebook. I’m not sure when the next one is going to be, but there is always info floating around and if you Google it there are LOADS of bloggers covering the event.

More than anything else the clothes swap has made me wish that my mum could still be here as she would have loved it, and I wish wish wish that more people could come and feel better about their bodies, and get some cracking new outfits!


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