Jane Austen Month

It’s 200 years this month since the first publication of Pride and Prejudice, my second favourite Jane Austen book. Why not celebrate by buying some Austen themed stuff, as I have?


I’ve lusted after this cuff for about a year now, ever since discovering the joy of the Etsy Wishlist (its like an Amazon wishlist but you feel slightly less guilt as Craft). The store I bought it from, JezebelCharms, sells some absolutely beautiful things, quite a lot being Pride and Prejudice themed. Sadly most of these seem to focus on Darcy’s first proposal (why? Its horrible and (spoilers) is met with refusal. The actual proposal in the book is crap, its the worst part of it, why not just go for the more obvious famous first line or the ‘library at Pemberley’ bit? Why ‘admire and love you’, I mean, yeah, its a good line, but in context it means nothing, and surely that’s the point of being a big enough fan of the book to have jewellery based on it, that you recognise and appreciate the context? This screams Present From Attached Who Thinks They’re Doing A Good Thing and THIS is the real beauty of wishlists-no bad quotes on otherwise beautiful things).

I, however, don’t have anyone to buy me beautiful things on demand as reward for completing my first semester at uni and therefore bought one for myself, and it is wonderful and, along with my Winter Is Coming torc I got for Christmas from Lovely Friend makes me have weirdly geeky wrists. I quite like that though, its like secret-geek, no one else will get it and every time I look down at my hand I’m reminded that yes, I am now officially too old to compare myself to any Austen heroine (Anne Elliot was 27), but hey, Ned Stark.


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