One of my ‘101 in 1001’ resolutions for this year was to make marmalade again. I made a huge batch of it for Christmas presents back in 2009 and loved it. It’s suprisingly easy to do, doesn’t make you feel as much of a Cath Kidson wannabe as making jam does, and makes your kitchen smell beautiful.


Squeeze all the juice out of six Seville oranges (you can buy a bag for a quid at Mozzers) into a massive pan. Save the pips and tie them in a muslin bag if you’re posh, the foot of some old tights if you’re not.

Also put a couple of saucers in the fridge and make sure you’ve got plenty of sterilised jars warming in t’oven.


Chop up the rind of the oranges and place in the pan along with your bag of pips. It totally depends on how you like your marmalade as to how thick pieces you use. I like mine quite chunky, as you can see.

Add three pints of water and boil for ages, until the water has reduced by half.


Remove your bag of pips, after giving it a good squeeze. Try not to laugh too much at how much it looks like a diseased ball.


Still boiling your mix, add a bag and a half of sugar and give it a good stir.

Boil until the sugar is dissolved, then come the tricky part. After about 45 mins, test a bit of the mixture on a cold saucer.


This is quite hard to demonstrate in a photo, but basically you want the mixture to be hard enough on the plate so when you push it with your finger after its cooled a bit it sort of wrinkles up. This shows if it has set. If you’re not sure, boil for ten more minutes and test again.


When your marmalade has set, take it off the heat and remove any scummy bits. Try not to stick your face in it.


Pour it into the warm jars, and leave it to cool.


Cover with wax paper, you can put the lids back on when it’s completely cooled down. Give to your friends and look impressive like some sort of Domestic God/dess. You can even make labels if you can be arsed.



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