Leeds Meeples


Some friendly board game types


On Sunday afternoon, I took a break from my usual routine of breakfast and homework and had an Afternoon Out to join a trusty band of loyal board games players at Leeds Meeples. Coordinated by lovely Dave and Laura, Meeples is a board game club like no other.


Some of the board games people brought to play


I was never really ‘into’ board games, I’m still not, really, they are prohibitively expensive and I can just imagine my pub friend’s faces if I were to pull one out, however I went to a Meeples last year out of shere curiosity in its former home of Dock Street Market and fell in love with Citadels, a game which is a bit like Sim City vs Pokemon, where you get to crush people with one move and it only takes about 45 minutes a game.





What I like most about Meeples is that, although you might go knowing no one, everyone is so friendly (in a highly competitive ‘I Will Crush You’ way) and it’s such a welcoming environment with strict ground rules on Being Nice To Each Other behaviour.

Meeples has now moved to The Victoria Hotel on Great George Street, which was a fantastic cosy venue which sells excellent food. I had wild boar and chorizo because wild boar and it was tasty as owt but I immediately regretted this upon seeing the PIES. Next time I shall be having a PIE.


Busy playing board game…

We started off with a lovely game of Apples to Apples which I am quite good at, then I demanded citadels so had a round of that whilst others played more complicated looking games. I ended the afternoon with a nice round of Cthulhu Gloom, a story telling card game where the object is to give your Lovecraftian characters horrible untimely deaths. I may have been crushed in both these games, but had such a pleasant afternoon catching up with some friends and meeting new people that it didn’t really matter. Meeples is the ultimate proof that it isn’t winning, it’s the taking part that counts.

2 thoughts on “Leeds Meeples

  1. Great post! Although regrettably I don’t look very friendly in the photo of friendly board gamers! Hope to see you at a future Meeples soon.

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