Pub Quiz Tonight!


This evening I will be wearing all of my hats and running a Leeds LadyFest fundraiser, for ForBooksSake, in East of Arcadia.

The normal pub quiz is being taken over, for one week only, by ForBooksSake. With a general knowledge, children’s books and other books by and for women rounds if you know your Anne Elliot from your Anne of Green Gables you should come on down and help raise some money for Leeds LadyFest!

Leeds LadyFest will be a one day festival in October that celebrates women’s arts, culture and social movement. In order to make the festival as brilliant as possible we need to raise some funds, and so will be holding fundraisers throughout the year. Any money left over at the end of the festival, which is completely not-for-profit, will be split between SARSVL and Women’s Aid .

The quiz will be from 8 ish, and costs 50p per person to enter. There will also be a chance to buy raffle tickets and to enter the Leeds LadyFest calendar lotto.

East of Arcadia, in Meanwood, serves lovely beer, and you can bring your dog.

See you there!


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