The Best Thing, Ever, In The World, Ever

So last month, on a whim, I started Envelope Club. This was a small little project after rediscovering the joy of sending stuff through the post that I blogged, and that got a fair bit of support. You sign up by email, copying and pasting a promise that you won’t send nasty or hurtful or inappropriate stuff to strangers, along with a postal address, and each month I send you a different strangers details for you to send some random stuff through the post.

Now so far I’ve sent two addresses to people and sent two envelopes. I haven’t received anything back yet but some of the twenty or so other people who have signed up so far  have, and this weekend I got an email of something one of them, a lovely man called Pete, sent, and it made me actually cry with how beautiful and lovely it is.

mail letter web

This has made me so happy, art is occurring and random people all over the world are sharing stuff they like with people they don’t know!

If you would like to join us, please check out lez rulez and drop us an email. I’ll be sending the next round of addresses out on the 22 March, so any addresses I get before then will be added.

Envelopes are lovely.


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