Friday Reads

The Man Who Planted Trees

Yesterday I went to Malton for World Book Day, to host another Recommended Read event for the Ryedale Book Festival that takes place in October and which I took the Travelling Suitcase Library to last year.

One of the lovely people who came to my last event there had recommended me this book, which I’d promptly stored away in the back of my mind but more or less forgotten about, and I was chuffed to bits to be presented with a copy as a present by him last night.

Only 50 pages long, with beautiful woodcut illustrations, this simple story of a lone shepherd living in the early 20th century who decides to spend his time planting trees, which the world around his explodes into war, is so unassuming and brief, and yet so effecting in its simplicity, a loving tale of how acts of kindness change the world and a call for reforestation as a way of righting the wrongs our destructive nature has inflicted on the planet.

I loved it, read it on the train and have brought it into work today with the instructions that everyone must read it. If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day pressie, or a nice uplifting little treat for yourself or someone you care about this would be wonderful.

Thank you Tom, you have given me a wonderful gift, and thanks to the Ryedale Book Fest for yet again being warm welcoming hosts and organising a lovely event.


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