Leeds LadyFest/Big Bookend/Summer summer summer time

After a month of doing seemingly nothing but uni work, I’m so happy to be getting back in the swing of things. I love learning about librarianship, but sometimes one can read too much about the importance of the reference interview…

This weekend is another great example of how ace Leeds is. On Friday I’m going to the Leeds LadyFest fundraiser at Wharf Chambers, which is a Rocky Horror themed party. They will be screening the film from 7.45pm, and will be selling bags of props to join in and get the ‘proper’ Rocky Horror experience. If you’ve never ‘done’ Rocky Horror before you should, it is hilar, and from £5 on the door in a safe environment you can dress up, or not, have a good giggle and raise money for LadyFest, which will be happening in October.

Then on Saturday I am so very very excited to be going to see one of my favourite historical fiction authors, Anne O’Brien, at the Leeds Big Bookend Festival, which is running across the city centre over the weekend and you should definitely check out. I discovered Anne O’Brien at last year’s festival, during the talk on women’s historical fiction, which was fascinating (in fact you can see the back of my (then ginger) head in this photo which I have shamelessly nicked from the Big Bookend website).

I read The Virgin Widow before the talk, which is about Anne Neville and takes a very different stance on her life and marriages to The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory, which I believe is part of this here White Queen thang that’s on the telly soon. I read The King’s Concubine over Christmas and loved it. She writes very easy to read but really gripping accounts of various historical women, and wrote for Harlequin Romances for years so knows how to keep up pace and plot and is a fantabulous speaker and I am SO looking forward to seeing her again!

AND it is going to be sunny, and I get to sit in the park with a Nice Boy for a bit of this weekend IhopeIhope so on an extremely personally level literally nothing could be better! Hooray for Leeds!


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