The Glovers/Reggae/Period Drama Joy

This weekend was mostly spent celebrating The Glovers’ releasing their first single, He’s Not Mine, along with accompanying video. The Glovers, composed of Lisa Marie Glover, Tash Williams, and Peter Scott and Sam Widdop, (whose twopiece Scott Widdop is playing TwoPoundIn this Saturday coming, but more of that later in the week), have been playing together for less than a year, had a lovely tour this spring and play incredibly catchy original songs. If you would like to support this local group, you can purchase the single, plus a funny little song about science, on their bandcamp for a MERE £1.50. As you have probably guessed, I have a personal relationship with the band, and so if you can make my boyfriend a bona fide rock star I’d be ever so grateful.

To celebrate, I was taken out dancing to reggae music at the Stir It Up night at Full Circle. I’ve been to Stir It Up before, when it was at Left Bank Leeds, which was a good night but completely the wrong venue. It seems to have found its spiritual home at Full Circle, which I’ve never been to before but will definitely be visiting again in the near future. On Kirkstall road, opposite Radio Aire, it’s just far enough out of town to not be a massive trek, and for me handily fifteen minutes walk home, though after several Red Stripes and some of the most delicious street food I’ve ever tasted that journey may have taken slightly longer.

Full Circle also sell arty geeky things, and have a really lovely space, and apparently do Sunday Roasts with accompanying jazz which I am so going to be going to post-payday…

Then on Sunday I got together with my Period Drama Homegirls and watched me some Medieval Babes in The White Queen, which people who aren’t into History Trash are going to rubbish as froth, but which we really enjoyed. It is fantastically well cast, with Jacquetta stealing most scenes and Warwick being lovely and bitter, and Edward IV is Quite Hot. My favourite book in Philippa Gregory’s Cousins War series so far has to be The Kingmaker’s Daughter, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of Anne Neville. The White Queen itself was quite good but tbh The Red Queen was weak, and I hope Amanda Hale makes more of Margaret Beaufort than the original text does, as she is  one of the most fascinating and inspirational women in history. She founded shed loads of schools and universities and worked tirelessly for her son’s advancement-the only way, it could be said, of advancing herself. Along with Bess of Hardwick she’s one of those women who has been either ignored or written as stiff because she didn’t fanny about, and married strategically, and that is a real shame.

So yes, another weekend of Leeds being awesome, with more good stuff to come this week!


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