Rich Man Has Opinions


OK, so this is purely for me to write-as-therapy-to-anger, I’ve probably got this wrong, so sorry if that’s the case.

Jamie Oliver. I loved him so much earlier this summer, when he came out as saying the first book he read all the way through was YA, the second book of the Hunger Games. It takes a lot of guts to admit to not being a confident reader or being a non-reader, so good for him for doing that.

And then this morning I read that he’s astonished that poor families choose convenience food and a telly over “healthy” meals, which is a waste of money. By buying ready meals they are able to buy massive tellys.

I work in a town with seven major supermarkets in it. There is an Iceland and an Aldi, which would probably be cheaper, but I’ve gone by ASDA, which is opposite the major employer of the town as well as the train station and also where I do my shopping because I am evil and a slave to Walmart. The market is a 40 minute walk there and back which is ten minutes longer than my lunch break and Leeds market is closed by the time I finish work.

A Sicilian street cleaner can get 25 mussels, 10 cherry tomatoes and some spaghetti and feeds himself for 60p.

In ASDA, you can get a bag of pre-cooked mussels in white wine sauce, but mussels on their own would be £1.40 for 250g in vinegar, or £4.00 for 580g of cooked mussels. Let’s go for the cheaper option and say £1.40 for 250g, which would probably be, what about 50 mussels? So two portions.

Cherry tomatoes are £1 a pack and you get about thirty tomatoes. Three portions.

Smartprice spaghetti (which I can tell you from years of living on it is vile unless coated in olive oil) is 32p a pack and you get about 6 serving of pasta out of that. You also need olive oil to cook all this in, the cheapest bottle is £2.50 for 750ml, which yes is a million servings, but you’d need £2.50 outlay, or half an hours wage for a 19 year old working minimum wage. But for argument’s sake let’s say 10p of oil.

So per serving it is £1.19. That’s for one person. Compare that to the meals on wonder-woman and actual poor person A Girl Called Jack’s blog and it is hella-expensive. You’ve had to stump up over a fiver, and then you’re stuck with eating that for two days, and then eating cherry tomatoes and pasta, and then just pasta.

ASDA’s smartprice ready meals are around 75p each, I can’t speak for the others but the lasagna is damn tasty. They don’t do a mussels and spag one.



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