LadyFest…The Line Up Part 1

Leeds LadyFest, the celebration of women’s art, music, culture, writing, sport and activism, will take place on the 19 October this year at Wharf Chambers. As you may have guessed by my frequent pluggings of the fundraisers for it, this is a cause very much close to my heart. Tickets are now on sale, to be posted out to you. It’s £5 for a day ticket, which gets you into all the workshops, talks and performances (about midday through 6 ish, though a final line up will be announced very soon). £4 gets you an evening ticket for all the Lovely Music and for £8 you get an all-day pass. Capacity is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

The Line Up….

We’ve spent the last six months putting together a line up of workshops and talks that aim to inspire and promote women. This list may grow, so watch the Facebook page for more details. So far the line up includes…

Carol Robson

Carol is a speaker and poet from Yorkshire who has also appeared at Sheffield LaDIYfest and will also be performing at the Ilkley Lit Fest the week before LeedsLadyfest, so a busy time for her! She will be performing ‘Finding Me’, talking about her poetry that reflects her life and coming to terms with her Gender Identity and Sexuality with sincere honesty and fun.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Carol’s poems, having heard so many good things about her speaking from other feminists.


Kristin Aune

This event is a little bit of my baby, I’ll be ‘in conversation’ (handbags) with Kristin, academic and co-author of the groundbreaking book Reclaiming The F Word. We’ll be discussing how feminism has changed since the book came out in 2010, the history of activism and loads of other important stuff as well as taking questions from the floor. Having seen Kristin speak at the Bristol Women’s Lit Fest I knew she’d be a wonderful addition to the lineup. Reclaiming the F Word is now in its second edition (worth buying for the introduction alone), and to wet your whistle, here is a cracking interview with Kristin about the new edition . We’ll have copies to sell on the day too.

Leeds Object!

Whatever your thoughts on the sex industry, pornography, lap dancing, lads mags and the rest, this talk, by one of the members of the campaign group Object! (which I CANNOT find a website with a working link for…) that will be exploring how the group works in fighting against the commercialisation and objectification of bodies and sexuality, is bound to give you food for thought. After providing a fascinating talk about the lap dancing club culture in Leeds at the first ever Arts and Activism back in March (bloody hell time flies) we knew we had to have them back.

Chella Quint

Chella is a comic, activist, zine maker extraordinaire and educator, originally from New York but now living in Yorkshire. She was hilarious at Art and Activism in July, showing how creating and sharing zines can be a form of activism. If you’ve not checked out Adventures in Menstruating I urge you to. Chella will be once again showing off her zine skills and encouraging you to have a go at making your own zines.

Leeds Roller Dolls

A firm favourite of LadyFest, Leeds Roller Dolls will be encouraging women to get involved in this rapidly expanding sport that encourages team work and achieving personal goals.

But this is not all! We are aware that we are not representing all women with this list, and are really keen to do better. We are especially aware that LadyFest could be seen not to include the voices of Black or BME women and we want to change that. If you know of an empowering speaker, performer, or activist who we should be talking to PLEASE email, or if you have any other suggestions for great workshops and speakers. Obviously, space/time is limited so we can’t have everyone, but this year is just the start, and we really want to start thinking about future events, Art and Activism nights and ways to involve the whole Leeds community in LadyFest.

Part Two of the line up, which will be looking at the Lovely Music, will be up later in the week.

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing!


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