LadyFest…The Line Up Part 2

So earlier in the week I explored the workshops and performers currently making up the Leeds LadyFest line up. This post will show the bands and artists performing at the event, on the 19 October in Wharf Chambers. You can buy tickets online now, £5 for a day ticket, £4 for the night and £8 for an all day pass that gets you in all the workshops and performances and to the evening gig.

Full disclosure-music is not my speciality at all! I know NOTHING of the whole riot grrrrrrrrl thing, or music in general (despite being surrounded by incredibly talented musiscians and DJs most of the time…). However, I am assured by the women in LadyFest who ARE music bods that this is a Very Good Line Up Indeed!

Etai Keshiki

Etai Keshiki are a no wave band from Leeds. You can see them here, performing at Wharf Chambers earlier this year.

Nervous Twitch

Nervous Twitch are a catchy gardage-punk four piece also from Leeds.

Esper Scout
Esper Scout are another four piece, also from Leeds, whose debut mini-album is out on the 14 October.


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