Wakefield Lit Fest

I was delighted this year to be invited to take the Travelling Suitcase LIbrary to Wakefield Lit Fest for the second year. I said last year how impressed I was by the scope and creativity of the festival and this year the team’s hard work has clearly paid off with double the authors, talks and events. I can’t even imagine the amount of work that goes into creating a festival like this so all credit to them .


Once again I set up shop in the Orangery, a beautiful house and garden next to Wakefield Westgate train station. This time I was in the temporary cafe, built presumably to cater for visitors to A Maze For Yorkshire, which closes on Saturday. I went round the maze myself (being over four foot tall I was at a slight advantage in being able to see round the corners) and it was a real giggle. I love the Orangery, and think it is a beautiful space and would make a cracking venue for a wedding or a very posh party.


The swap itself went well, I saw a few familiar faces and there were a couple of people who had been the year before and loved the books they took so I was really pleased to be able to swap books with them again. This was probably the first swap I’ve ever done in a couple of years where I came away with less books than I went with, which I was very grateful for on the ridiculously busy train home.

I came away with a couple of Jennifer Weiner’s I’ve not read, so am looking forward to that. I also had a weird conversation about why this is a ‘Lit Fest’ rather than a literature festival. I’ve never really thought about it, I always just say lit fest, because I go to so many and it is easier to say, but these men seemed really upset by the shortening of it and I felt unable to respond. I hope they find a satisfactory explanation at some point!

All in all though, a lovely, tea filled evening. Thank you Wakefield!


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