What I’m Up To This Week

This week I’m mostly darting around Yorkshire Looking At Things.

I’m one of the guest reviewers for The Pickeld Egg , Ilkley’s What’s On guide and official blog of the Ilkley Lit Fest, so I’m going to a LOT of events with them. I’ve reviewed Alexandra Harris and Maggie O’Farrell so far and shall stick more links up on here as and when.

On Friday I’m off to the preview of the Place and Memory art exhibition running in Holy Trinity Church, one of my favourite setting for art exhibitions in the city. Place and Memory looks at hidden corners of the city using personal and collective memories from eight different artists. I’m not massively arty, but I do like something different, and in a very book-heavy week I’m looking forward to expanding my mind in other ways.

I’m currently reading Jo Baker’s amazingly brilliant book Longbourne, I’ve been nose-to-spine with this most of the weekend and the story of the servants side of Pride and Prejudice is just such a brilliant idea-especially the story of Hill the housekeeper-you wonder why no one has done it before. I’ll be going to the celebration of Pride and Prejudice in Morley on Saturday as part of the Morley Lit Fest which also kicked off last week. REALLY looking forward to that.

Then on Saturday night I’ll be joining ForBooksSake as they take over the Ilkley Lit Fest for one night only, with their literary pub quiz. Haven’t hung with the ForBooksSake massive since the Women’s Lit Fest in Bristol back in March so that’ll be awesome.

We’re also, this week, putting the final final touches to the Leeds LadyFest programme of events for the 19th October. We’ve got a Cunning Plan to have facilitated round table discussions timetabled throughout the day on various issues that are important to us and those coming to LadyFest. So far we’ve got proposals of discussions on Body Positive living, the experiences of working class women within feminism, BUT WE WANT MORE! As I’ve said before, we REALLY want to cover all experiences and issues and so if there is something we aren’t doing or covering, PLEASE let me know. If you want to pitch a discussion you can lead please please please email me bookelfleeds at gmail dot com.

Tickets for LadyFest are on sale, so if you want a ticket, get in there quick! You must be a member of Wharf Chambers or a guest of a member to attend.

Oh, and it’s Leeds Meeples on Sunday! And I don’t know about you, but after everything else this week, I’m going to need to get my board game on!

This is my friend's cat, Pam, who I was looking after this weekend, having a lovely snooze. This is what I shall look like during most of November!

This is my friend’s cat, Pam, who I was looking after this weekend, having a lovely snooze. This is what I shall look like during most of November!


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