LadyFest in on Saturday!


Leeds LadyFest will take place in Wharf Chambers this Saturday the 19th October. You can buy tickets online to pick up on the door and you must be either a member of Wharf Chambers or a guest of a member to attend.

As I’ve blogged about before, the day is split into two parts; a day time of performances, talks, and discussions, and an evening of music and dancing.

The day kicks off at 12 midday and the evening gigs will start around 7 ish. We will be facilitating a walking bus from Leeds Train Station next to the ticket barriers’ meeting point (near the chairs/BodyShop) at 12.00 and at 6.00 pm. Look for the LadyFest sign! Wharf Chambers is about a 10-15 minutes walk from the train station and is five minute walk from the bus station.

The music side of things now includes The Backyard Burners, who I love and am very excited to see live again.

During the day we are having talks and performances, as well as open table facilitated discussions. This is the timetable of the day so far….

12.00 Doors open! Register on the door after buying your ticket online (there will be LIMITED numbers of tickets on the door but please please please if you can buy online first to avoid disappointment!)

12.30 Chella Quint

1.30 Carol Robson’s Finding Me                                            Open Table- Leeds MIND

2.30 The Leeds Roller Dolls                                                      Open Table- Lesbian Sexual Health

3.30 Object! Leeds                                                                        Open Table-Body Positive Living

4.30 Kristin Aune

We have two empty slots of open table facilitated discussions. These are talks about a certain issue led by someone who knows a fair bit about that issue. If YOU would like to lead a topic about something you feel is underrepresented in LadyFest, whether it’s the representation of WoC, PoC or Black women within the feminist movement, women’s lives under austerity or the cuts to arts and how that will affect women artists WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. PLEASE email me bookelfleeds at gmail dot com and I’ll hook you up!

During the table we’ll have vegetarian and vegan sarnies for sale, as well as a shed loads of cakes and other goodies. We’re also going to have a raffle and merchandise for sale on the day so they’ll be loads of ways to spread your LadyFest love.

All money made on the day will go to Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL) and Leeds Women’s Aid


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