Climb Every Mountain….

This isn’t a book review….  in fact this is probably the most non-bookish thing I’ve ever done.

I’m climbing a mountain for Nepal.

Now, this might not seem like big deal for some of you. But trust me, for me, this is big. I am not sporty, not outdoorsy, not even half as fit or health conscious as I should be. I vastly admire people who are, but I have always found exercise, whilst fun, to be hard work. My school reports for games always went along the lines of ‘Jess tries really really hard but unfortunately is just rubbish’.

So when my friend Hannah tried to get me to join her sponsored climb I initially was like ‘yeah, no’.

Hannah and me have been friends since she gave me my first makeover aged 12. We spent our teenager years together, being bad influences on each other, supporting each other through a lot of angst, exam pressure, boy heartache and cocktail making.

When travelling through Nepal she witnessed the devastation of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on 25th April 2015. Now she’s trying her hardest to raise money for the people who, with the monsoon season, desperately still need help.

And has guilted me into joining her.

Of course, this is also a jaunt. I’ve had an an absolutely wonderful summer of “training” walks around Yorkshire, including around Haworth (blogged by DrNeevil), Whernside and Emley. I’m doing Ilkley Moor tomorrow, and plan on also doing Great Shunner Fell as well as more local walks in Leeds- so really you’re not just sponsoring me for Ben Nevis, but for everywhere! Though Ben Nevis is the big one. I feel a bit fitter, more confident in knowing I CAN walk a long way, I CAN climb a mountain, and although I’m still pretty slow and pant a LOT I feel I’ve discovered a new hobby and also rediscovered my love for my county.

I climbed Whernside, highest mountain in Yorkshire.

I climbed Whernside, highest mountain in Yorkshire.

Please, help us reach our goal of raising money for the DEC, every time I look at see someone else believes in my ability to actually do this thing it makes me even more determined to do it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my training (esp DrNeevil, who is a cracking walking buddy, and Ads who patiently talked me down the horribly steep downhill track of Whernside) and any sponsors are so incredibly welcome.

Jess xxx


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