2016 Professional Development

Inspired by Woodsie’s blog on 2015/16 I’ve decided to reflect on the last year and make some goals for the new!

2015 was an excellent year all round for me. I started working in HE: I presented at a couple of conferences: I attended some other excellent conferences and some wonderful LIS events across the UK and Dublin (I love Dublin): I started reviewing books for CILIP Update, and I wrote for CILIP’s blog a couple of times (which was excellent and really painless-thanks to the web team for that!): I was on the organisation committee for LISDIS and that went very well indeed. I’m also counting Chartership as a Win because I’ve done everything for it, I just can’t afford to submit until the end of the month! So all in all I am Very Pleased. I am also Very Very Lucky and, as I said in my Chartership blog, Very Very Privileged. All these wins would not have been possible were not my personal circumstances as they are. So whilst I am Very Pleased I’m also feeling a bit Whelmed (you can in Europe).

Anyway, that aside, here are my Goals for the coming year.

  • Go to Moar Conferences. I bloody love conferences, both speaking at and attending them. I’m going to be doing both at LILAC (in Dublin! Joy of joys!) and would very much like to do more.
  • Write Moar Stuff. Actual Stuff. In Journals and The Like
  • Be on the committee for LISDIS 2016  (IT WILL HAPPEN)
  • Get more involved in local LIS groups, including RLC West Yorks (will happen) and CILIP Y&H
  • Continue to think about the sort of librarian/teacher/researcher I want to be and develop along these lines (wishy washy I know but it makes sense to me)

And on a personal note, I am going to continue my new found love of walking and am thinking of doing a Big Walk in the Summer-but watch this space for that!



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