2016 Sum Up

Obviously, this year has been atrocious for many many people. Apart from all the current horror and fear in the wider world, many people I love have had hard times of it. So I feel kind of guilty for doing a Positive Things post, reflecting on the things I’ve done over 2016, but as I did set myself some challenges last year, I felt it important to address them.

Once again, I want to reiterate that I am very very lucky. I have a whole heap of privilege attached to me that means my life is considerably easier and I have opportunities available to me that others don’t. 2016 was a mixed bag of a year, with some disappointments that I’ve learnt loads from, but also some rather large wins in the second half of the year as I’ve tried to stamp out who I am professionally and where I see myself going . As I cross the threshold from new professional to been-around-a-bit I’m still conscious that cpd is lifelong and I’m happy to have been given some rather fat challenges for 2017.

In terms of last year’s goals, well I went to Lilac, the Playful Learning Conference and the RLC gathering in Brighton. Next year I’d like to add an international conference to my agenda, and continue to try attend as many non-librarian events as possible to get out of my UK-centrist silo. Next year I’m also presenting at Lilac, as well as being on the committee, so I’m really pleased that I’ve got a good conference experience to look forward to.

Writing more stuff-well although I haven’t had loads published this year I have published a book review for the Journal of Information Literacy, and I have written an awful lot! Look out for some exciting writing projects that should hopefully come to fruition in 2017….

LISDIS was once again a successful day and I’m looking forward to hopefully being involved with it again in 2017. As our baby grows, we’ll no doubt be developing it so again, watch this space.

I wanted to get more involved in local CILIP groups, and although I have failed to see the CILIP Y&H lot this year (due to every (excellent sounding) event they’ve done been on a day I couldn’t do!) I have continued to be on the local ARLG committee and we’ve done some good local teaching and training events.

I have spent a lot of the year thinking about what sort of librarian I want to be. I am a teacher. I love it, it is something I love thinking and learning about. I love exploring ways of motivating people to try new things or cross thresholds, especially in regards to how to see and approach information as its such a fascinating and important topic. I also love organizing things! So next year my goals are as follows

  • Finish my PGCHE and be a better teacher, working more closely with colleagues to design materials and lesson plans that really inspire students to critically analyse their approaches to information seeking, consuming and creating.
  • Successfully take part in the Lilac conference as a committee member.
  • Continue with LISDIS, ARLG and other conferences. Continue interest in RLC.
  • Do Exciting Extra Curricula Projects

Less of them, a bit more focused, a bit more manageable! Hopefully!

Have a wonderful New Year, and here’s to a positive 2017.


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